Medicine Shields

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Each piece is specifically designed to acknowledge all of Creation using feather placement as well as with colours. My process of creating is through my personal meditations. I honour those things in nature that I work with. I ask, and allow myself to hear what Spirit wants to share. Through this time I sit at my workspace and create what I see in my minds’ eye.Sometimes I am specifically guided to make certain pieces. Each piece I consider to be  my medicine-I listen and understand the teachings spirit is giving me. By this process I grow, always moving forward looking for my next lesson. I know my medicine is meant to be shared. If you find a specific piece that draws out an emotion,  know that I have done my job and my medicine has now worked two-fold. My pieces hold within them a healing element. They are to be meditation, and healing works of art. Some say that my designs hold within their centres, portals to different realms. The beauty, the healing, the meditation, is truly in the eye of the beholder.


  • Custom Medicine Shields

    These pieces are One-of-a-Kind and once sold, new shields will be added as I create them. So... keep checking in. Each of the following medicine shields has its' own story, hand written by Rebecca Maracle on the back.  Those stories are included in the desciptions that follow.